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ZumaGold is not a company or corporation, but simply one person, one craftsman -- RJ Polito. And like other highly skilled professional craftsmen of Swiss watches, fine jewelry, furniture and the like, we are proud, meticulous and intolerable toward defects because we know this is our legacy, our culture, our paradigm of the highest order. We craft products that last and demand attention -- even 100 years from now.

People who buy fine art don't necessarily know what they're collecting. That's for critics. What they DO know, or sense, is the product's essence -- its "feel" and its "look" -- that intangible element produced by only craftsmen, and proudly owned by the buying public. These are the things that separate those from the pack. Made by Craftsmen who rely on their hands, eyes and instincts. It can't be taught -- it just happens.

This is ZumaGold.



CRT CDMillennium 2000 DVD

Liturgy CD
Art concept, design and layout by RJ Polito (booklet cover)


Product will simply not leave the premises unless it's the best that it can be.

You can't compare this craftsmanship to Discmakers or any other hi-speed, "quantity-driven" sweat shop. To make a quality product you need quality materials. And that costs more. You also need passion. And that is priceless. At ZumaGold, quality will always come before quantity, and precision will always trump speed. As a result, ZumaGold products will cost a little more, but the craftsmanship you receive will well be worth it -- both to you and your audience.

There are too many drab products today. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest. "Compare" links. The craftsmanship is going away in every industry. But ZumaGold is remaining one of those idealisms that will not relent. Make a statement to raise yourself above the doldrums.

This is YOUR legacy. Give it the respect it deserves.

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