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Unsurpassed Archival Quality

Getting a ZumaGold product means you are getting the best possible quality the industry has to offer.

All products, CDs or DVDs, include Taiyo Yuden/JVC media or Mitsui/MAM-A media. Both companies make an archival disc that will last 100 years to 329 years. They are waterproof, scratch resistant and UV resistant to help reproduce your material faithfully and accurately, playback after playback. Guaranteed.

There is simply nothing better. You've spent a great deal of time and money getting your product great. Make sure your audience sees and hears the same thing.

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1000 Full-color DVDs, retail-ready
in OPP plastic pouches (a "greener" way than shrinkwrap)
$1850 inclusive
Questions? rpolito@ZumaGold.us


Short Runs • Quick Turnaround • No Setup Fee

Today's economy dictates that our needs be minimal. A "just-what-I-need" mentality is quite good for the economy -- it has actually lowered our national deficit. For this reason, all ZumaGold products can be ordered in very small quantities (28 pcs, 35, 52, whatever). Turnaround is quick. After you approve your artwork, it generally takes 48 hrs to complete your order. And there are NEVER any setup fees. Never any hidden charges. Never anything but the price you see.





12-50 Full-color DVDs or CDs, retail-ready, OPPs -- $3.39 ea inclusive
51-100 Full-color DVDs or CDs, retail-ready, OPPs -- $3.14 ea inclusive
Questions? rpolito@ZumaGold.us


Design-Layout Services • Brilliant Color Prints

"Never judge a book by its cover." Unfortunately, this is NOT how most people perceive a product. If it doesn't stand out, it gets overlooked. Consumers need "eye candy".

Send ZumaGold your pro artwork as Photoshop files. Instructions on how to prepare it all will be emailed to you. It's quite simple.

But if you don't have your own artwork, then together we can get it done. There have been 100s of designs that have come out of ZumaGold, all quality. There will be a charge of $60/hr and you have to supply at least a couple of hi-rez pics and your text, but the first hour is FREE. Generally, a design will cost between $90 and $200. There is no charge for proofs (hi-rez JPGs emailed to you) and no set up fee.

All ZumaGold products are printed from one of the best digital print men on the West Coast, Walter Dantas at The Output Bureau. Stunning graphics are outputed there on a consistent basis with Canon c6000 Imagesetters (possibly the best digital color printer in the world) and the industry standard full color offset press, The Heidelberg. The color is correct, the fonts are sharp and the depth is brilliant. We dare ANYONE to a comparison challenge.

Thz Bluz design
Liturgy Design

CD packages - Art concept, design and layout by RJ Polito
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warming dvd

bsb dvdDVD Packages - Art concept,
design and layout by RJ Polito
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DVD wraps - Art concept, design and layout by RJ Polito



Reusable Packaging

It was some time ago that a very good client asked NOT to have shrinkwrap on his DVD package. That was odd -- at first. Having asked the inevitable question "Why", he explained that it was too much bother to rip the wrap off and get to the DVD... to autograph it.

It was obvious that this is a common occurrence with almost every performing artist. As a result, the search was on for an alternative to the shrinkwrap. Along the way, it was found that shrinkwrap is NOT biodegradable and pretty toxic stuff. Nice.

Finally, the solution was discovered in the form of Oriented Polypropylene film, or OPP. A durable, transparent, gloss film that has excellent moisture proof properties. You can package food with it, print on it, and then safely throw it away (if you must) because it's BIODEGRADABLE. That just about eliminates shrinkwrap from the earth.

As a result, ZumaGold products are all packaged with OPP Resealable bags. But don't throw them away. They're perfect for preserving the disc, artwork and case from the elements. Pull apart the sticky strip, take out the disc, autograph it, place it back in the bag, and reseal it. Wait till you see the look on your buyer's face.

OPP Resealable bags. A much "greener" way of thinking.

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